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From Dr. Judy Kuriansky:

It’s safe and easy. You simply pour the probided rubber compound into a container, insert your penis, hold for one to two minutes to make the mold. After withdrawing your penis, pour in a second compound (to form the solid organ), and break the mold.

Long-distance lovers, and those on the road a lot, can give girlfriends a remembrance of them to, well, hold on to while they're apart. I like that idea, since I always say lovers can survive separations if they stay in touch--with letters, calls, packages, and e-mails. Apiece this intimate is even better to fill a gap and forestall infidelity.
Erik was always threatened by his girlfriend’s fantasy of having sex with two men, but now he can oblige her. “With a copy of my own penis, she can have two men inside her, but they’d both be me,” he said excitedly.

Kurt was similarly eager to satisfy his girlfriend’s other common female fantasy-- a man filling her vagina and mouth simultaneously. “She always says she can’t get enough of me, so now I can fill all her openings,” he said.
Women I spoke with had some novel ideas. “When Paul dumped me, he broke my heart and took away the best sex I ever had,” Francine said. “But with the cock-clone kit, I can always have a piece of him.”

The psychologist in me likes the fact that jilted lovers can use the copy to feel empowered, and the sex therapist in me approves of using a dildo for sexual self sufficiency in between real lovers.

Click HERE to see the Clone-A-Willie kit.
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