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In the simplest sense, pheromones are simply hormones secreted by the body through various glands in the form of sweat mostly. In fact, most human pheromones detected have common molecular structures to those of androgenic hormones.

Androstenone in various concentrations can be added to candles to produce a romantic setting for parties and for two lovers. The effects of these pheromones are real. These are not scents - in fact 50% of people cannot smell pheromones. Yet, they still have an effect. This can best be observed in women, when Androstenone will cause mild or slight flushing of the cheeks.

When applied to the skin, the following responses are commonly found: being smiled at more often, touched playfully or flirtatiously, to more sexual explicit responses. When used between couples, the lovemaking may be more passionate.

Burning a candle containing pheromones releases small amounts of pheromone into the atmosphere in the same way a scented candle releases its scent. It can set the sexual mood - increasing sexual attraction.

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