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 What style of lingerie do you find the most arousing? 61  votes

 A classic black bustier with garters and stockings 21 votes
 A virginal-white, lace-trimmed babydoll 8 votes
 A sheer, crotchless, full-length bodystocking 13 votes
 Simple cotton bra and panties 2 votes
 An oversized t-shirt and boxers 4 votes
 I don't-Nothing is better than naked 13 votes
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What's your lingerie style? (Or, what would you most like to see your partner wearing?)
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How come ear muffs aren't on this poll?
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A poured-on latex bodysuit..preferably hand-painted on me by someone attractive.
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I like Cossabella thongs. They are the best!
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I really can't believe that what man don't want the most sexiest lingerie that his partner own.
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So how come there isn't an "All the Above" choice?
Lovin My Wife...Lovin Life

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I like sexy bra and panty sets. Low cleavage, almost not there thongs or panties. They feel good and when I take of my outerwear, the appreciation in my man's eyes gets me all wet and bothered.
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I like the really complicated, burlesque stuff that Dita Vin Teese wears. Her outfits are so fantastic.
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