Father O'Malley and Sister Katherian are being transferred from a parish in New York to Chicago and since Father was just made a gift of a new car they decided that they would save the Church some money and drive there.
It was mid-December and once they got near Ohio border there was a fierce storm coming off the lake and Father started to look for a Hotel  to sit out the weather.  He tried 4 different ones along the highway and always got the same answer, sorry but were full up due to the storm. At the forth one tho a young clerk said he would make a few phone calls and after about 15 minutes he told Father O'Malley that he had found them a place about 5 miles down the road and had told that clerk to hold it for them.  Father blessed the young man and they got in the car and started the drive.  The weather was ferice at this point and it took almost a hour but they finally arrived and parked and walked up to the desk. 

Father could seen a look of concern on the clerks face as he walked up and told him that he had a reservation.  The clerk just shook his head. What the problem Father O'Malley asked. Well said the clerk, when I got the call for you room I didn't know you were traveling with a Nun and the only room I have is one with a king size bed.  Father though for a moment and said that would be find and that he wasn't even going to go back out in the storm. Sister and him would make do. He got the key and they headed off to the room. On the way he explained what had happened to the Sister but told her that it would be alright seeing as he was a man of the cloth and she was a Nun that they would just make do. 

They entered the room and sure enough there was a huge king size bed  so Father put their bags on it and told Sister that he would leave and go to the restaurant and she was to call him once she was done preparing for bed and be under the covers when he got back then he would get ready and they would get some rest and finish the trip the next day. Father then left and got a call about a hour later and returned to the room. He walked in and all the lights were on and Sister Katherian was indeed in the bed with the cover pulled tightly up under her chin. Father bless her and grabbed his shaving kit and went in to shower and get ready for bed.  He came out wearing sweat pants bottoms and a t-shirt and knelt next to the bed and said his nightly prayers then got up and went around turning off the lights. Sister was still wide awake and he could tell she was nervous so as he slipped under the covers on his side of the bed he asked if she had ever been in bed with a male before.  She was a young Nun maybe all of 25 and said that when her family would go camping when she was a child if it got cold out she would sometimes sleep in the same sleeping bag as her brother.  Father laughed and said "Well I'm alot older than your brother but rest easy and think of this as one of those camping trips and it is sure enough cold enough to imagine that.  With that said he blessed her and reach up and turn off the last light  in the room.

Father was just getting comfortable when all of a sudden Sister Katherian started to cough and hack very badly, being the gentleman he always was Father got up and went in and got a glass of water and gave it to her. She drank it down and a few minutes later seem to be fine  so once again he blessed her and crawled back in bed.  It was now getting close to midnight and they had been on the road since 5:30  a.m. and Father was really quite tired at this point and he was just falling off to sleep with once again Sister Katherian starts to cough and hack like a possessed woman.  Father once again gets up and gets her another glass of water and she drinks it down and after a couple more light coughs she says that she should be find now. So Father blesses her and once again crawls back under the covers.

Father O'Malley had been asleep no more than 5 minutes when he shaken awake and the bed in almost bouncing enough that he thinks it is a earthquake until her hears the most awful coughing and hacking coming from the other side of the bed. Now he is upset and he rolls over and looks are Sister Katherian and she is coughing and hacking and almost in the state of a seizure.  He clears his throat to get her attention and looks he right in the eyes and say, "How you like to play Husband and Wife!"  Sister Katherians eyes about pop out of her head but she she stops coughing and thinks for a second and answers quietly to him,"I it is God's will then let it be so"

Father O'Malley reaches over and pulls the covers off of her and sits up and stares down at her, she sighs and looks at him and reaches out her arms and he says to her.

wait for it

only a little while longer

"Good then get up and get your own dam glass of water!!!!"

I know it was long but as they say you had to be there! LOL
Just a ole hippy at heart, been around the block more that I care to think about. Lived a full life and looking to add to it. Memories are wonderful but making them is much more fun.
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Good one.
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