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Monogamy. Is it against human nature? Most commonly, couples that get together want to stay together, exclusively. But there are those brave souls that do indeed have open, non-monogamous relationships. And somehow they make it work. Sometimes they feel like the only choice they have is to open their relationship.

For example, I read a blog where a couple in a long-distance relationship was having trouble with the many miles between them. They are thinking about opening their relationship so they can have sexual satisfaction now, and still have each other when they can finally get together. That's a little different than couples who may live in the same town, but it's still a non-monagamous situation.

Here is the thought process of the woman, trying to decide if opening up is going to work for her:

Ideal World: We remain completely in love, and anyone else is just a casual fling.
Real World: He meets a new girl and wants to pursue a relationship.

Ideal World: We are able to have casual sex with other people without any repercussions to our relationship.
Real World: One of us can’t handle the jealousy and it’s too late (and we’re too far away) to fix it.

Ideal World: There are no STDs!
Real World: He picks up gonorrhea from one of his ladies and gives it to me the next time we’re together.

Ideal World: Our families don’t find out, or are incredibly open-minded and support our decision.
Real World: His mom will forever think of me as “that ho who was sleeping around on her son.”

Ideal World: I meet tons of boys, but he’s too busy with work to meet any girls.
Real World: He’s on dates every Friday night while I’m at home making love to Ben and Jerry.

Valid concerns. How would you handle a long-distance relationship? Would you be open to being open?
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I want this to work in my head but I wonder if I would be too jealous to handle it. But it makes sense.
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I wish that I could honestly say that I myself, or someone else has all the information to help out in these matters.And I greatly apologize for not having at least a direction to point out that would make matters easier . What I can tell you is life is full of these circumstances where we over anilize, and or just simply over work the issues at hand. Somethings feel right, yet the feelings are all to wrong. This is our ability given to us to justify anything we need to sweeten the deal in our favor a little more than would otherwise be. We need to remember somthing about these decisions. We can and will live with them no matter what, good, bad, and even the Great! However we will live with them keeping mind,your healthy , alive, and you may be having a better time with this than anyone. Have a good time doesn't require falling in, or out of love. You said it yourself and I stand by it till the day I die. "IF IT DOESN'T MM AK ED SENSE THEN IT'S MORE THAN LIKELY NOT A FACT", IN MY LIFE OF REASON I FALLOW MY RV ULEAD BECOUSE IT'S SIMPLE. I feel it's not making Sensemble then it's not true. It saves me alot of time , grief, and must I say Bulls hit.
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