I bought Bottoms Up Three Way Waterproof Vibrating Butt Blaster. How do I use it? Thanks

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Hank Alvarez
I haven't used that exact same one but I have one very similar and I would suggest the following:
  1.Use a lot of lube and be careful if it's silicone based because if you stain the sheets, like I did, you're going to be in the dog house with the little woman when she does the laundry. Silicone is a bitch to wash out. But if you're like most of us husbands you spend so much time in the dog house you've got fleas anyway. 
  2. As a safety measure: you might want to use a condom at first just for the sake of compatibility of the materials with your lubricants unless the manufacturer tells you different.
  3. Start out easy and get used to the shape and feel of it. I'll be interested to hear how comfortable the insertion is once you've used it a few times.
  4. Try varying the position until you find where it feels best for you. Sometimes there's a big difference whether the curve is forward or backwards. That unit has some neat looking features that I'll want to hear about when you get used to it.
  5. Try varying the speed along with the position and you'll likely find a big difference in the sensations you'll feel.
  6. Please let us know what you think of it when you've used it a couple of times. Can you do anything other than sit on it and masturbate? The shape looks like you could expect it to stay in place and have some great sex with another person. I'm considering buying one as well so I'll be looking forward to your opinion. Hank
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