THis may sound weird but I've always wondered if there was a big difference between circumcised/non-cut penises. Ladies, what do you think?
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I haven't experienced it but I know some people can tell.
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There does seem to be a bit more friction inside when you're with an uncut man but not enough to make me pick one over the other. It's really more about the shape of the penis for me. That said, if I had a child I would NOT circumcise because I don't think its ethical.
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Hank Alvarez
How do you folks feel about circumcision? I was circumcised as a baby as were my two sons, on the advice of our physician. He said it resulted in cleaner healthier organ. It made sense. Hank
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I, too, was circumsized...I had no choice...my parents made that. BUT I do not regret they did. The only problem I have is it was incomplete...there is a small amount of foreskin still attached. But it does not cause any problems...I just have to keep it cleaned out.

I will say that I have often wondered if that small amount still attached causes me to be shaped like I am when erect...like a quarter moon on its side. I have also wondered if that skin is the reason I am thick...if the that skin was not there would I have a 'pencil dick'?

I am not planning on having anything done about it...I've lived with it this long...I dont have a problem with it... Dreamer doesnt have a problem with it...why go thru the pain and agony of having my wee wee worked on again at this age?
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