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What's your style? Sex can range in time from a few minutes to a few (gasp!) hours. Em&Lo posted a poll a while back, asking their readers to tell how long they'd like it to last.

Now we're talking about the physical intercourse part, not the foreplay. About how long would you like sex to last? And then tell us, how long does it usually last?
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Hank Alvarez
A lot longer than it ever does but at least as long as she needs. When you get off too soon, sooner than her, thats' a real bummer. The one good thing about aging is that it slows you down a little. But I love longies as opposed to quickies. Hank
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I would like intercourse to last longer than it does.  (We are darned near 70 and haven't had sex for the past year, so I am almost like a horny teenager again). Anyway, I love foreplay but that is kind of like charging a battery - the more there is of it, the more charged up I get so intercourse doesn't last that long because I am closer to the end to start with. We spent an hour with foreplay last nite but intercourse only lasted a couple of minutes (but damn - it was good)!
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I fall into the same category as Studly. Dreamer and I have foreplay that works us up until one of us can stand it no longer (usually me!) If we are talking strickly time, actual intercourse would fall into the 'quickie' is usually over in a matter of seconds for me.

HOWEVER, having said that, I have always had the ability to stay hard for as long as it takes  Dreamer to have an orgasm too! She is very multi-orgasmic. Sometimes we stay at it for a while. It is always fun to see how many times she will cum before neither of can move!

While we always use some kind of lube during intercourse, I have never thought it was a good idea to stay at it for too long. Parts get dry...friction builds up...and so does soreness...for both of us. While the intercourse you see in a porn movie goes on forever, I have never thought that was a good thing. The solution for is stop...take a break...and start over later!
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P Gell
We do both and everything inbetween. Sometimes he's running late in the morning and it might only last a few minutes (like this morning, and I was left alone and a little frustrated....) but often it can last several hours. I used to be hair trigger, but now it takes me TOO long (damn perimenopause) to orgasm, but once I do, all bets are off, and I can go on and on until we drop from exhaustion. THAT'S my favorite kind of sex, when you just plain DROP!
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