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From NY Times-

Can a pill a day help prevent infection from H.I.V., the virus that causes AIDS?

No one knows. But researchers in a number of countries are conducting trials and planning others to test the unproven strategy that a daily pill, or a combination of drugs, can prevent H.I.V.

By mid-2009, more people will be enrolled in such trials than in all of those for H.I.V. vaccines and microbicides, the AIDS Vaccine Advocacy Coalition said in a report issued here on Sunday at the start of the 17th International AIDS Conference.

Initial findings of the safety and effectiveness might come early next year, although researchers do not know how they will compare to the disappointing results of recent tests of H.I.V. vaccines and microbicides, chemicals that women can put in their vagina to prevent H.I.V. infection.....

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If this works people will be pulling their mattresses into the middle of the street.
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