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I’ve never really understood the attraction to ’studded’ or ‘ribbed’ condoms, and after testing a package of Four Seasons Studded And Ribbed Condoms, honestly, I still don’t. I’m sure that they were designed to increase friction in some way, but when the inside of your vagina is as slick as a slip-n-slide you tend not to notice the microscopic nubbins or ridges. Or at least I don’t. Perhaps I’m in the minority here?  I mean I did feel them, but they didn’t really add anything to our fucking.

What I do love about these condoms, is that they come with a little carrying tin, which holds three condoms. It’s super handy for carrying condoms is your purse or pocket, without having to worry about compromising or damaging them. I keep my condom tin in my purse at all times, just in case! Even though the tin has a female silhouette on the outside, it’s still quite discreet. Most people assume it’s makeup, or a mirror. Even if you don’t want to try this particular type of condom, Four Seasons make a number of different condoms, and I’d buy them just for the tin.

Aside from the lack-luster textures, these condoms did hold up under pressure.  They didn’t break or slip, and Jack said that the sensation for him was about average.  Nothing to write home about, but they get the job done.

We didn’t get around to using them for anal, but that might be just the ticket for getting the most from these condoms.  I can imagine that the added texture could be most enticing back there.  I’d suggest at least giving them a try, because while they didn’t do much for me, my pussy can be pretty hard to impress 

These condoms are latex, so not suitable for persons with a sensitivity to such things.  Water and silicone-based lubricants are safe to use with latex condoms (these condoms are already lubricated, but sometimes additional lubrication is necessary, particularly when used for anal sex).

I had a difficult time rating these condoms, since I found the studs and ribs, the main selling point of this item, to be fairly unexciting.  However, they did work, as far as condoms go.  Also, I love the tin, but the brand is fairly unknown to me, so I can’t even speak for the quality in regards to their reputation.  I’d say try them for yourself if you are curious, since they are inexpensive, and hey, free tin!
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