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If your sex life needs a jumpstart in the creativity department, consider role playing. Dressing the part of your fantasy character will only add to the fun you can have with your partner.

Have you ever played nurse? Sounds silly and cliche, but it is a favorite fantasy for a lot of men. We've got a couple of nurse outfits to help get you started: Nurse Goodbody, Dreamgirl Nurse, Nurse Feelgood.

Don't forget the accessories like shoes, rubber gloves, thigh highs and your ever-important nurse bag.

Schoolgirl outfits are also a perpetually in-demand look. Try some knee highs or anklets paired with a plaid skirt and crisp white blouse. Go for the full effect with ponytails and glasses. Have your man dress up as teacher and don't forget to bring him the tempting apple.

These two examples are very easy to put together and you might even have some gear at home to create your own. It's amazing how adding something new, like an outfit and props, can intensify your passion. Remember to always stay in character throughout but if something goes wrong, have a safe word handy to let your partner know you need a break. Safewords aren't just for bondage play. Anytime you put yourself into a new situation and the goal is to stay in the scene or the character, it's always a good idea to know what the boundaries are in advance.

Do you already role-play? Tell us about it in the comments...

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We role play alot and I have more outfits and uniforms in my closet to open a shop. His favorite by far is me playing the schoolgirl. Little plaid skirt with white blouse and tie, stockings and ankle socks with stilettoes.

Are hottest nights is when he catches me and girlfriend also dressed as schoolgirl in bed together. Where a litte OTK spanking is called for and having us have sex together before joining in.
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My wife uses her stilettos and nurse's outfit  or secretarie's business suit to heat things up. Always does the trick for me although I'd still like to try out the maid thing.
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