i dont know if this is a fetish but my gf is younder than me n she wants sex rough,she told me the opther day she wants me to "slam it into her even if it hurts" pull her hair and stuff! she wants a blindfold bought,restraints and a gag! i dunno wot to make of all this i mean its not fair not to do it if its wot turns her on is it?

does anyone have any experience on this? can anyone give me some useful tips or advice or aanythin lol thanks x
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Tabu Toypro
Sure! It's not uncommon. When women really get into the heat of it - pain can be an aphrodisiac. Don't freak out about it and grant her wishes if you are comfortable with it, but remember she still has boundaries. You might want to set up a safe word or phrase she can say if she feels like it's too much. Some women might say "stop" or make sounds of anquish, but that may be part of the play. So you want the safe word to be something completely unrelated, like "keyboard" or something really obvious.

As far as what you should do - when you're having sex with her from behind you could easily pull on her hair. While you've got her in this vulnerable position, bite gently on her neck or lip or say something really dirty in her ear. Spanking is always a hit (heehee) and if you space them out a bit at different intervals so she doesn't know when the next one's coming, all the better. Also vary your intensity. A couple a light ones, then a stinger. You might even try playing with her pussy with the other hand.

You can get a kit with restraints and a blindfold from us, and we also carry gags.
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I second Tabu ToyPro's idea for the restraints. Make it something not-scary, but the feeling of being restrained will make her feel even more "vulnerable". The safe word ToyPro was talking about is awesome ultra-important. Rough play can possibly get past her comfort zone, so you want to make sure that she can say "no, please stop" all she wants but until she uses her safe word, you know she's still enjoying it.
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i must admit i do like being spanked good and proper. makes me feel like a rigt dirty slapper. i say spank me all u like.

best of all tho is having the guy  grab ur ass real aggressive and hard when hes cumming inside u. OMG so hot
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