Straight ahead shouts Cornelia. The harsh sound of the crashing waves muffled Cornelia’s words. Lana struggles to handle the rocking boat.  Lana can feel the thumping in her chest and she new that she was  scared but she continued to do what she was born to do.” Turn the wheel there is land over there” shouted Cornelia! Lana strains and turns the wheel and the boat  glides toward land.  “Drop the anchor “shouts Lana “we will rest here.“ Cornelia grabs the rope with her long slender arms and toss it overboard.

The next morning Lana walks out on the deck of the wooden boat. The sun beats down and makes the deck hot under her feet.  The warm sun makes her blond hair glow. Her long legs deep with a tan that follows up to her naked breast that are high and perky. As the wind blows her nipples grow hard and straight.  Her dark green eyes reflects the waves in the ocean. The  sound of a splash wakes Lana out of  her day dreaming. Cornelia was in the water and was well on her way to the shore. Lana sighs and jumps in the blue sea. They both race to the shore. Cornelia walks threw the shadow water and wrings her long black hair out . The water beads off her nipples and roles down her flat stomach. The white sand burned her tan flawless feet, She sits her long slender body down and rubs her long fingers across her shoulders as she waits for Cornelia. Cornelia walks up threw the shadow water and says “ lets go explore this place for gold.”

They push there way threw the hot sand leaving foot prints behind. They pick up little shells and toss them as far as they can. At that moment Lana says “ you see that  smoke in the distance” as they walk closer they see a silhouette in the fog. With time the silhouette begins to turn shapes. A manly appearance takes form. As the girls walk his body features appear. His hard body was bent over with his masculine arms that extended outward towards the fire. He heard the girls giggle and he lifted his head up. “ hi ladies” he greeting was friendly and warm like the sun. Cornelia  and Lana circle him like pray. Lana and Cornelia replies in a hypnotize voice “WE SEEK YOUR GOLD! YOU DO WHAT YOU TOLD!” the girls start touching his massive body. Lana falls to her knees. The man stands as still as a statue. Lana gabs his knot  throw his pants. She unzips it and his dick is at fill length. She grabs it with her long fingers and movers her tong around the head and  he moans. Cornelia softly grabs his hands and pulls them back to her breast. His hand touches her hot breast and he squeezes it as he moves his mouth forward. His soft tong touches her hard erect nipple and he sucks it in a slow suction cup motion. Lana enters more of his dick in her mouth and she makes little gagging noises as she sucks. He pushes his hips forward and she has trouble taking in her mouth. She  licks the head and sucks the shaft . She spits to lube it up. It glides freely in her mouth. He grabs her hair and pulls her to him and her eyes water as she sucks.  Cornelia says in a sharp voice “it my turn to go first.”  Cornelia guides him down to the sand. He lays flat on his back as Cornelia grabs his cock and  lines her hole up. She slides his massive cock in. she moans loudly as she tries to take it. She rocks back and forth lubing it up. He moves his hips and more enters. She grabs her tits and pulls her nipples. She grunts as she rocks on his massive dick. She feels her body building up pressure. Her pussy throbs from the pain but she manages to buries every inch. She throws her head back and screams and she slows the rocking down as her orgasm fades away. “My turn” shouts Lana. The man smiles as Lana prepares herself. Lana gets on all four and lifts her little ass in the air. He sits up and  grabs  his dick slimy with cum and slowly sticks the head of his dick in Lana’s  little ass hole. She holds her breath as it fills her up. His dick disappears inch by inch and reappears like magic. Her ass is so hot and juicy that  he has trouble holding his load. Inch by inch is being massaged by her tight muscle. She moans louder than Cornelia. I slip my dick out and insert it in her pussy its so much tighter than Cornelia. Her pussy is so hot that my dick feels like it is sweating. “That feels so good” screams Lana. The more she screams the harder I give it. To my surprise she takes it all and begs for more. Her pussy starts to drip and her pussy walls tighten. Her body shakes so hard that I have to hold her up. I stroke it in her a little more and then Lana pulls away and says “ ready Cornelia?” Lana and Cornelia falls to there knees and Lana sucks my head and I blow a load. Cum squirts out of my dick and Lana gags. Cornelia grabs Lana and kisses her sharing my cum. “ Its so warm” say Lana. “yes  it taste great” says Cornelia.  “Well I guess we got our gold” says Lana.
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