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from Cory Silverberg,

Is that sex toy in your bedside table dangerous to your health?

Cory's notes:

One difficulty with sex toy safety is that it's a largely unregulated industry. So consumer protection only results from litigation (which is rare) or from grassroots movements, which can rely on statements that have no science behind them (statements like “sex toys can cause cancer”)

Where are sex toys made?

Almost all vibrators are made in China or in Japan, and even vibrators that are assembled or listed as manufactured in other countries like the U.S. or Germany, often have Chinese motors in them.
Japan tends to have better quality motors, but you can also get good quality from China (e.g. the Hitachi Magic Wand is made in China)
You can't always tell because sometimes they import component parts and assemble in another country.
Many more non-vibrating toys are made in the U.S., such as dildos

The safest are non-porous and inert materials that aren't going to melt or change or morph (hard plastic, wood, stone, glass, metal)
Silicone rubber when it's 100% silicone is the best next choice for soft rubber
Phthalates have become the major scapegoat in the sex toy world these days. They are a family of chemicals that have been banned in some countries and voluntarily removed in some industries. BUT there's still no proof of their harm in sex toys. I would say avoid them if you can.
Another BUT is that we still don't know much about what's in these sex toys so even if they are “phthalate free” there could be other stuff we just haven't heard of yet.
Remember the industry is almost entirely unregulated.
Again, condoms can resolve most worries

How do you protect yourself?

Stick with high end companies that disclose ingredients and/or chemical make up
Use condoms if you're really worried (condoms are a way to make any sex toy MUCH safer)
Consider that the risk is minimal (it's not like lead in children's toys)
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I am fairly certain that 100% silicone is not silicone rubber. I think that wording is a bit confusing. Other than that, good advice (=
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Oh how I love spam and broken English!
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