Has anyone used one of the self contained electro units made by Rimba ? Thinking of getting one for the wife . And need some feedback .
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Our friend from the Red Sneaker Diaries has done quite a few reviews on Electrosex products.

Here's the link:

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I noticed you searching on my site in my stats.  I have not reviewed the unit you are specifically asking about, but if you wish to understand how an electrosex dildo like that would work, I reviewed the "Zeus Torpedo Plug (Large)" which looks just like the one included in that Rimba kit.  The "power box" (controller) in that rimba kit is likely quite simple and does not offer much variety. 

Individual preferences may vary, of course, but I found that torpedo dildo not exactly exciting and awesome

The rimba kit you're looking at could be quite good, if it works for you, but it's not adaptable to changes if it's not exactly right.  I think you're better off getting something like the "beginner estim kit" that they offer here on Tabu Toys (which comes with a few accessories like clamps), and then ordering a torpedo plug (or a much fancier and more expensive steel electrosex dildo) when you see if you like the sensations. 

That way, if you find that you and your wife don't like how electrosex feels, you can still use the unit for muscle massage/pain relief (I use mine for menstrual cramps!), or you could resell the tens unit on craigslist (not the accessories, just the unit) and you wouldn't be out of pocket too much.

Hope that helps!  Feel free to email me (via my email which can be found on my site) if you have any more questions.

- Red
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Electrosex definitely is intriguing
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