hi do any girls prefer where the boys semen goes? i usually say heads or tails when hes ready to cum. heads is pull out and cum on my belly. tails is cum in my cunt.

depending on what mood im i choose. i never use condoms so i either get jizzed on or jizzed in. both different sensations. i think i prefer tails better. warm, slimey and risky.
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Tabu Toypro
Let me be the buzz killer here...

I just want to say that I do hope you're at least somewhat concerned about the risks of unprotected sex. Obviously, the big one is pregnancy. But I imagine you've at least got that covered. Don't forget about the silent, invisible STIs and STDs you are putting yourself at risk for catching. Just remember to get regular tests and encourage your partner(s) to do so as well.

Other than that - jizz on! 
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