Hi all, 
New member here...As weird as it sounds I’m embarrassed about asking, but I guess I can only inquire with those who are familiar with hickies and sex bruises. So here’s my question! Girl I just started dating is a Literotica author and is very into Kinky’s intimidating. I’m old an old school romantic. The first time we were intimate, I noticed bruises on her butt, nail/finger bruises on her hip and a huge bruise and a scratch on the back of her lower thigh...I don’t know what to think...they’re not from me. So help: What on earth kind of sex position or acts would cause bruising in those areas? I don’t know if I should ask if she’s Bisexual, into BDSM or getting abused and not saying anything which would be most troubling. I’m lost and feel weird. Any advice? 
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Hi M, and Welcome!

First off, you might want to start off by looking on the bright side - it sounds like you could be dating a glorious pervert!
If that is the case (and you wish to pursue this bruised bombshell) it would be a good idea to start acquainting yourself with the BDSM lifestyle.
Though clearly not for everyone, this sex practice is ALWAYS safe and consensual when done correctly - and hopefully she is. 
Why not start by asking her directly (but not judgmentally) about all the above? You may be illuminated and even turned on by what she has to teach you.
If you're not into it (which is also fine) she'll be better off waving her freak flag high with a different partner.
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Thank You for the response! I totally understand. We spent the first few weeks kind of smack talking and flirting. But she could tell I was, for a lack of better was...mostly talk? I’m not a punk or anything, I guess I’m just a total noob on that stuff. She’s a geek too so that’s where we meet in the middle. She’s just super into freaky stuff like handcuffs,‘toys love bites. (I Had a feeling by her Literotica stories) I guess I’ll ask her to educate me before I back away for good. Sigh...Sorry so long dating is hard now days lolol
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