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This site may be for the younger crowd, but safe sex is good for everyone! Visit's and watch Lapeno's Sex Ed Lessons. They're pretty cute. Or here's a link to them on youtube.

Here's what they're saying:


1. For F**k's sake... Use a condom.

Seriously, we can't stress this enough.

If you don't wear a condom you put yourself at risk of all kinds of sexually transmitted diseases - including HIV...

Remember there is no cure for HIV.

2. Learn to love rubber.

Make putting on a condom a part of foreplay. Sex it up. Latex is sexy - they wear it in pornos.
...and for those of you allergic to latex - it's no excuse - use polyurethane! (just as fit)

3. Don't take someone's word for being clear of any diseases.

Ask for proof - or go get tested together.

4. Talk about Sex.

There's nothing embarrassing about it. C'mon, if you're going to get naked in front off someone...

Chatting about sex means you can be open about condoms, testing and everything else in between.

Let's face it, it's far less embarrassing than having to go to the docs with some nasty infection you picked up as a result of being too shy to ask to use condoms.

5. Keep a stock of condoms and always carry one with you.

Why? Because today might just be your lucky day!

6. Finally...

If you don't want to have sex - don't.

In 2008, we're made to think everyone's doing it. Well, here's some news, they're not (even the really hot people).
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