As I’m new to this forum, I hope I’m posting this question in the right place.

I have always fantasized about having sex in an elevator with my girlfriend. Every time I get into one I try figure out how or even if it would be possible to do it in this elevator but I always come up with the same 2 problems:
1.The elevator trip is only 30 Seconds to 1 min, till the doors open and you are caught.
2.The button for emergency’s in the elevator only seem to be a bell, not a stopping mechanism (I have never actually pressed them), so the movie style of stop the elevator and have fun till they start it again doesn’t seem plausible.

So has anyone ever managed to have sex in an elevator and what was your trick?
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yeah i ran into the same problem the only time i ever actually tried it with my gf...  it was on a longer elevator ride but still not nearly long enough!  she had on a skirt and she just stood in front of me facing the door while i unzipped my fly and slid it in her.  but i hadnt done much more than slide it in and the bell signaling the door was opening dinged.  she was just leaning forward so she strightened up and leaned back against me real quick so i could re-zip my fly "on the sly".  unless they were good at reading guilty faces im pretty sure the people who got on had no clue...
BUT i heard that if you go to a floor and then hold the button for that floor while you hold the "door close" button that the elevator will just sit there.  pushing a couple buttons shouldnt be terribly hard as long as you are are both close enough to the same height to sex standing up...
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I would not. Elevators sort of gross me out, heh
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I would love to have sex in a elevator if any one finds out how to do it let me know :-)
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Hank Alvarez
It depends a lot on the type and age of the elevator. A girl friend and I got it on in an elevator in the in the early eighties and it was great fun, but even then there were risks.
1. Make sure it's not the only working elevator in the building. You tie it up for long and you'll poss somebody off.
2. Make sure you can stop it between floors with the stop button.
3. I figured standing dogie style would be best to keep her off the floor. It is a public place and most aren't too clean.
This is how it happened. I had to go to this same office building every week for a couple of months and I began to fantasize about it so I started researching it. My girl friend at the time never had to be asked more than once but I didn't want any problems as this building was close to where I worked.
I tried the stop button, it stopped it and I could just barely part the doors to see that we were indeed between floors. A week later I brought my girl friend with me and I suggested a quickie. She was into impromptu fucking; any where any time, and she liked the risk of being seen. It wasn't a rush hour and the other elevator kept people moving. I pushed the floor button again and when we got down to the ground floor our doors opened. We were done and it was no big thing. I don't even remember anyone waiting for the elevator. Careful though, now a days some of the newer ones have a spy eye in the ceiling. Don't try this in a casino. They have eyes everywhere. HHH 
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That is one fantasy that i have to do in 2011.  Always wanted to do it....but not sure if my partner is willing to do it.
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