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Has anyone watched Kell On Earth? The Bravo show about fashion PR guru Kelly Cutrone? Well it looks like she is an all around bad ass because she convinced (demanded?) Bravo to include footage of her shopping for sex toys on the last episode of the season!

She's all about the empowered woman and hopes this episode will show viewers that shopping for sex toys is a "fun and celebratory thing". Amen sister!

I love to see sex toys entering the mainstream in any way possible. With infamous scenes like the Pearl Rabbit in Sex In The City, the Silky and Liberator ramp in Burn After Reading and SexToyDave on Millionaire Matchmaker, sex toys are coming out of the closet, out from the bedside drawers and into your hearts via your cable box. Thank you Kelly Cutrone for urging the network to show your shopping footage!

Source: YourTango - Bravo TV Star Urges Housewives To Buy Sex Toys
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ya i agreed with u completely.
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