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Question for the forum: Do you use a sex toy with your partner? If so, what kind? Or, what kind of sex toy would you like to use with your partner?
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I have had my eye on the iRide.. Something nice to do while I'm giving oral to the ladyfriend.

Since I'm still in between jobs you're welcome to offer me a free one
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The Missus enjoys the vibrating cock rings. We've already gone through 3 or 4 so if you can recommend one that won't short out I would be grateful.
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Hank Alvarez
Casinoroyale: Ain't it the truth? If I kept all the crap that's failed on us over the years I'd probably need a big shed to store it in. We still like nubbed, vibrating cock rings that hit the clit on the down stroke the best but a lot can be said for small hand held vibrators that you can move to where they're needed. Another one you might want to look at is a red, vibrating cock ring we got from Brand X, (Who I won't mention here), but I'm sure Tabu could get for you, and it has a nubbed anal probe that gives her you and DP at the same time. Talk about rocking her world. HHH
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