My libido moves in waves. For a few weeks I'll be insatiable, then suddenly I'll lose my appetite for it altogether. When it's gone, I get much more work done and have time to catch up with friends and family; but when it switches back on, I become like a monster. I have to get what I want otherwise I get in a really bad mood. I have a selection of dildos and vibrators that I can use, but I love the adoration from men too. I love their scent, their big frames and their desire for me. In one particularly dry patch when I was craving some satisfaction, I actually hired a male London escort to spend the evening with me. I didn't need to ask him to shower me with compliments - he did that anyway. It made me feel good and tamed the monster temporarily.

Recently, I thought of the perfect solution: a fuck buddy. I didn't want a boyfriend, and most guys would be confused by my mood swings anyway - gagging for it one minute, not interested the next. I thought of all the guys I knew and weighed up the options. The single ones usually got too attached and wanted to start something, so I had to be ruthless. There was a guy in my office who had made it obvious that he had a crush on me; I'd never met his girlfriend, but other people had said that she was a bitch so I didn't feel too guilty about seducing him.

I think it caught him by surprise when I started my pursuit. We went out for coffee one lunch time which wasn't unusual, but I turned the flirting up a notch. As I ran my foot up the inside of his leg, I asked him where he'd most like to have me. "Anywhere" he replied. Eager. We both left half of our coffees and dashed to the car. He drove to a less conspicuous spot in a large, empty car park, cut the engine and turned to face me. There was no hesitation or moment of doubt; in an instant he was on my lips, burning. His tongue found mine quickly, and he pulled my head harder towards him to stress the urgency. We only had 15 minutes left of our lunch break. I pulled away and unbuttoned his trousers. I wanted to show him how good at blow jobs I was, I love the feeling of a big hard cock in my mouth. He blasphemed with pleasure, but I couldn't afford to take my time over it. I expertly worked my soft, greedy lips up and down the shaft and ran my tongue around the head. I took his whole length into my mouth and throat. After a minute I pulled up (to his dismay) and slid my thong off (to his delight). My dress was already short so it wasn't difficult to manoeuvre; I ordered him into the back seat then climbed over to straddle him. He pushed his cock deep into my pussy and started pumping fast. I was soaking wet and the hard thrusts were exactly what I needed. I entwined my fingers into his hair as I continued to order him to go harder and faster, until we both exploded with an enormous simultaneous orgasm. We only had a few tissues to clean up, and looked more than a little dishevelled...

I continued to play with him for the next couple of months, simply ignoring him when I wasn't in the mood. He seemed to love the chase, so the build up never got boring for him. I'm glad that I found my sexy solution, it suits me down to the ground!
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Woo Hoo!
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