We've all got that one song that sends little lightening bolts up our spine, don't we? What song lyrics really get you going? They don't have to be graphic, and they may turn you on for reasons that are all your own.

Here's a classic from Depeche Mode (who are no strangers to BDSM imagery) with "Behind the Wheel"

Oh little girl, there are times when I feel
I'd rather not be, the one behind the wheel
Come, pull my strings, watch me move,
I'd do anything
Sweet little girl
I prefer
You behind the wheel
and me the passenger

What are your favorite song lyrics and why?
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For me, it's more about sound.. so anything by Bad Company? yea
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My favorite song lyrics come from Halestorm-I Get Off.  It goes-        You don't know that I know                                                              You watch me every night.                                                                And I just can't resist the urge to stand here in the light.                Your greedy eyes upon me,                                                            afraid I'll come undone.                                                                    Well I could close the curtains,                                                        But this is too much fun!                                                               
I get off on you getting off on me.
I give you what you want, but nothing is for free!
It's a give and take
of our love we make
when a line is crossed
I get off, I get off.   
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Hank Alvarez
I've got to side with Adriana- its the sound not the lyrics. In a lot of cases you can understand what they're saying anyway but music like "Bolero" just makes me want to play with my honey. HHH
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