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Gonzo Adult director "Seymore Butts" lends his considerable expertise to the art of anal training:

For Women:

"The Sphincter muscle I happen to be referring to is also called your Asshole. Your Sphincter can be trained to accommodate surprisingly large objects. I've seen everything from fists to champagne bottles inserted into Assholes to the point where nothing would surprise me anymore. Not even the 96 chopsticks my friend Bridgette Kerkove took up her Ass to break a world record!

No matter how tight your Ass seems you can make it more accommodating for your lover. I would recommend using a strategy of introducing gradual-sized dildos while you masturbate with your fingers or vibrator. Start small, using plenty of lube, and work your way up to something similar to your partner's size. The dildo can be controlled by you or your partner. I think the missionary position (women on her back, legs spread) is best to start with but like I say everyone is different…That's what makes things so interesting!

One more trick… If you know you're going to have Anal Sex in advance, you can try inserting a medium sized Buttplug and keeping it inside you all day. Your sphincter will be well relaxed by the time you're ready to rock!"

Your Man's Ass:

If you stuck your finger up your mans Ass and probed around a while you would find his prostate gland. The prostate has been called the male G-spot. It is a pleasure center in men that can greatly increase the intensity of a man's orgasm when stimulated. This can be done with a finger(s) or a Sex toy or a penis for that matter. Whatever floats your boat!

Licking or sucking a man's Ass and taint (the spot that taint his balls nor taint his Ass) during oral sex.

Firmly patting or pressing the taint is also a way to increase your man's pleasure factor during his orgasm!


For as many women that I've had anal sex with, I have observed only a few differences in their various approaches to hygiene. Here are a few for both women and men:

Method 1 - OVERKILL
I knew a girl who would enema twice a day, sometimes more because of her obsession with keeping her ass clean for anal sex. I do not recommend this!

Most women in my industry do an enema about 2 hours before they are scheduled to shoot their scene. This gives them ample time to "unload" any residual materials left over from the enema.

There are also many women that find a good shower right before the act to do the trick. They would use this time to clean their ass with their fingers. Using soap or conditioner, and being careful if you have nails, you would slowly insert one, then two fingers and do a slow twisting motion to make sure all is clear.

The same as above applies, only this time you sit yourself on a sink and use it somewhat like a bidet.

The bottom line is about keeping clean and it really doesn't matter which method suits you best. Remember, whether it's eating light for a couple of hours before your anal encounter or 5 enemas throughout the day, no method is 100% and as you know…shit happens! Just stay calm and cool, grab a towel to throw over the mess and finish what you started. Clean up won't seem so bad when compared to the pleasure of the anal orgasm you just experienced. And guys…nothing will earn your woman's respect more than you acting like whatever happened is "no big deal", help with the clean up and she's yours for life!"

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Frequent enemas aren't the greatest for your body. If you insist on doing them consistently then using distilled water would be the best.

Your shower time approach is probably the best for someone keen on being clean before the act.
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Personally I eat light and high fiber the night before... have a complete BM have a shower and a good finger probe to clean up and then either a really light high fiber breakfast or do it before breakfast if you know you'll have to wait a couple hours... as you can tell I'm a morning guy I only take it before 12... never was comfortable with enemas....

PS: silicone lube will prevent stuff from sticking to the toy too much so if your fairly clean then you should be good to go.
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