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Unless you are relentless about using condoms on your sex toys, you really shouldn't be sharing them. Certain toy materials are more porous than others and bacteria loves to hide out in these pores. Condoms over toys is a good habit, especially if you are going to use the toy vaginally and anally. Being diligent in your cleaning efforts after every use is another good habit to practice. I love the Afterglow wipes because you can keep them with your toys, making clean-up easier, or at least you can give them a pre-clean until you have the energy to get up and take them to the sink.

Materials that are porous: Cyberskin, Jelly, UR3, RealSkin, Pleasureskin, Elastomed or Elastomer, Food Grade Vinyls

Non-Porous: Silicone, Glass or Pyrex, TPR (thermoplastic rubber) Wood, Metal

Just because a material is porous doesn't make it bad. It just makes it harder to clean and riskier to share. Certain toys like Cyberskin are popular due to their spongy, realistic quality.

Couples sharing toys should also practice safety because you too can pass infections back and forth through your uncovered toys!

This question from a student at ThePioneer got me thinking about sharing toys and the invisible risks involved.
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Yap this is so true, sharing your sex toys can be pretty harmful this can also be a reason for STD's
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