I'm a REPEAT customer and I paid $25 extra to have it OVERNIGHTED last Friday. What a SCAM Where is my stuff??????? >
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TabuToys Moderator
Hi Indie,

So you placed your order on Friday for next-day delivery? Your next business day would be..drumroll.. MONDAY.    No scams here! Here's how it works: If you place your overnight order before noon CST it will ship the same day and arrive the following business day. Federal Express doesn't consider Saturday or Sunday business days and neither do we. That's we we post that information on your check-out page and anywhere else you might actually be inclined to read it (short of coming to your address and writing it on your forehead with a Sharpy.)

Even so, we still have people who place orders in the middle of the night who expect it to be promptly delivered by way of flying elves the next morning. Cut us some slack, people..This isn't the North Pole!

Well Indie, you've most likely received your package by now (and have a better outlook on life, no doubt.)

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