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just because he is special....doesnt mean that you should lose something special to him.....alot of us women regret "our first"...i am so thankful that my first was someone i loved and cared about and still do to this day...if you care about him and love him than he should be your only have one first and he should be someone worth giving something special to him...
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as a guy who lost his virginity at 21 to someone I dont even talk about I kinda wished I'd waited... but at the sam time I'm sure i've done allot of favours for my lovers since then as I knew what to do when I really started enjoying sex...
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Tabu Toypro
prettyeyes -

A forum of random strangers is not the place to seek the answer to this question. Talk to someone you trust that knows you and possibly knows him. Maybe an aunt? An older cousin or sister?

Just noting that so far the answers are 3 out of 3 opposed.

Whatever you decide, make sure you are playing safe. It's not uncool to use dental dams and condoms.
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I would point out, that one should lose virginity when ready. No one else can tell you when. I know person who just got with person for getting rid of it and  is happy about it and also i know someone who did the same and regrets it.
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I second what Toypro and Markus have said. It's your decision and yours alone. But it is a good idea to have someone close to you that you trust enough to discuss this with. If you feel that you're 100% ready, then by all means do it. But if you feel pressured at all to have sex then I think you need to address that before having sex. Your first time should be an enjoyable one and not something you feel you have to do. Anyone who would pressure you into having sex is not someone you should be with and is definitely not special. But, again, you are an adult and as I said above your decisions are your own. Like Toypro said, I hope that should you have sex that you are safe, both physically and mentally. Take care and I hope that you're able to make the right choice for you and that you stand firm in your decision whatever it may be.

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I'm 25 and a virgin and sometimes I wish I could have lost it by now. I guess it's special but sometimes our standards with men are too high. If you have high standard, you could lower them but not too low because I've seen first hand how low it can go in my case.
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If you're asking, then you're not ready, or you'd know.

I don't think virginity is an "it" to save or lose -- it's YOU you're offering -- your body, your intimate parts, and a lifetime memory, because no one forgets the first time.

My first time was with my high school boyfriend after three years of dating (realize I'm an old timer -- 65 years old, so this was in the 1950s when we were much more inhibited). We spent months (years?) just kissing, just touching, and getting increasingly closer.

When we finally did make love completely, it was that -- making love completely. I have to say it was not sexually satisfying -- neither of us knew much about how/where the female orgasm was triggered -- but emotionally, it was wonderful. I'm still grateful to this first boyfriend for his love, passion, and tenderness, though this was many decades and many relationships ago.
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No.  Stay virgin until wedding day. If you can get a virgin boyfriend and both wait until married you have a great chance to be happy. Otherwise you and him are going to be remembering old partners.
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Hank Alvarez
I don't necessarily agree with the last comment about you both being virgins when you marry because I think it  helps if someone knows what the hell they're doing, but it doesn't have to be you. Please don't be offended by what I'm going to say, but at eighteen most kids can't see beyond the ends of their noses. You'll lose it when you lose it, and I hope when it happens it's wonderful.

Now, I'm gonna put it crudely, like my dad warned me, don't fuck someone that you don't want to wake up next to in the morning, maybe for a long time. Get to know each other real well, and when the time is right you'll know. Just remember that when it happens you could easily end up with one of those nine month tumors you'll both have to support for eighteen years, only if it doesn't work out you'll likely have to raise it.

You've got a lot of good advice from a lot of wonderful people above and I would strongly suggest you take it to heart. Good luck, Hank
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"9 month tumors.." Ha. This is how they should explain it to teenage girls as they seem to think it's like getting a new purse.
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Hank Alvarez
Yeah, tell my daughter when she got that little surprise. Hank
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