So about a year and a half ago I started hearing my man x now and some woman having sex, I would hear it all the time. Would always hear him talking under his breath he would deny of course. When we were having sex can hear him talking and another woman talking screaming whatever. Time goes on this woman starts harrassing me, psychologically torturing me everyday still to this day never a moment's peace. Call me names, constantly broadcasting my man fuckin would make me think it was a friend cousin sister my kid even my dead mother. She stole my identity claims he's helped her steal over 1000000 from plp online in me my mom my daughter and dead mom's name. Records me watches me 24/7 hacks all my emails Facebook phones. Destroyedy relationship made me lose my home jobs from the constant emotional stress. Chants things constantly like a dog whistle gpinvoff in my head. She stalks me via augmented reality, can give me sensations see projections of him or whoever humping can put smells in my nose constant audio torture. She claims I I go to prison or kill myself he can have her pussy. Which he's obsessed every night she is brainwashing and he has 24/7 stimulation she controls. There's so much more but my life has been constant hell still is this woman still refuses to back off I don't judge I like it ruff but I am no slave. They implanted me against my will threaten my life my child and grandchildren say she made porn with me and random plp animals etc trying ruin my life stuffs been stolen from me. My relationship destroyed by her deceit and lies. Who knows where she's posted me found numerous fake profiles. Looking for some info or maybe a little help with how to go about finding it getting it out idk anyone have one. I do know my torturer and I didn't ask for this. She won't set me free and has destroyed mw as a person, my life, belongings.. it's hell. Have recodings videos pictures of my torture if your interested.
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