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The Shimmy Shimmy Shake!

It's a rarity for me to love a vibrator that doesn't include a clitoral attachment seeing as I have to have strong clitoral vibrations in order to get off. I've found dildos that can bring g-spot orgasms that don't require any clitoral stimulation whatsoever but I've never been able to find a vibrator that's been able to do the same. That is, until now.

Briana's Silicone Squiggler is an incredible vibrator. In fact, I think it's by far my favorite non-rabbit style vibrator. It's composed out of 100% phthalatee free silicone that is very silky soft. While the texture is smooth (including the control base that feels like velvet-cote plastic) it has a very solid spine which can be bent for a wide circular rotation.

The winning factor about the Silicone Squiggler is that it rotates both clockwise and counter-clockwise. Without bending the shaft you can't really tell it rotates because it just barely wiggles. I was unimpressed when I first turned it on because it really didn't seem to do much at all, it's imperative that you bend this vibrator (whether a lot or a little) in order to make use out of and maximize the main feature.

Once bent as far as possible, I slowly inserted the vibrator. It went in very smoothly despite the curvature in the spine. Turning it on, the rotations were wide and extremely filling. It seemed as if it honed right in on my g-spot and with each rotation I was met with this incredible urge to cum. Adding vibrations into the mix made for one of the most exciting penetrations I'd ever experienced.

As the vibrator rotated, it would push against the walls of my vagina giving me the sensation of being not only fucked but stretched. I was really surprised by how awesome this vibrator performed seeing as not only did it feel great but the motor was both powerful and long lasting. The vibrator has both a low and high setting, I found the highest setting the most effective as they were high whine vibrations that were more difficult to feel than most other vibrators I own. The vibrator teased my g-spot incessantly, I could help but arch my back and scooch my feet further up on the mattress in a resistance to cumming. When I finally did give way I was enveloped with vaginal spasms and my body tingled from head to toe. Briana's Silicone Squiggler gave way to one hell of an orgasm, it was fucking beautiful.

Without bending the shaft, this vibrator has a very respectable girth. Measuring in with an insertable length of 6" and a diameter of 1.5" it is moderately sized. Bending the shaft will create an extra added of fullness and make the vibrator feel a bit larger than it is. It's really a treat to behold and your vagina will thank you for it.

It's a fairly quiet vibrator, in fact, when using a blanket and a closed bedroom door, the vibrator could not be heard in other rooms of the house. It seems as it's one of the quieter vibrators I own and the fact that it's very low key and discreet is a big plus. (NOTE: The VIDEO DOES make it sound much louder than it actually is.)

The only issues I've had with the vibrator is that the squiggle designs in the shaft do make it hard to clean. After I had cleaned it and was positive it was sparkling, when it dried there was "gunk" in the cracks of the "S" designs. Make sure to have a good toy cleaner on hand and just scrub, scrub, scrub. You also cannot control the speed of the rotations- there's just one, high. With the rotations being as fast and as powerful as they are (3 hours later the motor still chugged on) you're bound to cum fast so be prepared if you don't like getting off too quickly.

The box boasts that Briana's Silicone Squiggler is compatible with silicone lubricants but it being a new favorite, I won't take any chances. This is overall a fantastic vibrator, it's an extremely high quality product from the Doc Johnson brand and the Tabutoys website. If you're looking for a vibrator that actually rotates, this one is for you.
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