My wife started experimenting with buttplugs. She started with a relatively small one. It is similar to this one

except it's 4" in total length and has a pointier tip. She complained that it was painful to insert but not because it was too wide but because it seemed to be too long and the tip was pushing against something inside her. Questions:
1. Was she somehow inserting it incorrectly?
2. If she was doing everything right, we need a shorter plug which has a tapered bottom and flared base so that it does not easily slip out. Can you recommend a good plug that fits the description?

Thank much!
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Hi Beginner,

Is she using enough lubrication beforehand? That combined with the muscle tension of first time jitters can make anal painful regardless of size. Try warming her up with your tongue and a well-lubricated finger first, and then insert your plug. If that doesn't work, here's a few beginner's product alternatives that might work for her:

The Bum Buddies Teaser Plug

The Silicone Crystal Cote Butt Plug

And my favorite, the Fun Factory Booty Plug.

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Hank Alvarez
There is a bend up there and it's not likely making the turn. If you're too forceful it won't be pleasant. Take a look at Taormino's book or video or Hartley's videos because they do a good job on the anatomy/physiology. HHH
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