Spanking 101
basics and tips for doing it well
Spanking is one of the classics in erotic power exchange. The term spanking is usually used for anything that has to do with spanking the bottom. In general, no other parts of the body are involved. Purist spankers will only accept spanking as spanking when it is done by hand, but often the back of hair brushes, table tennis bats, slippers, a swat or small leather devices, sometimes shaped in the form of a hand can be used.

Many people combine spanking with other erotic stimuli like schoolgirl play or (old fashioned) lingerie. Strict role play - daddy & naughty girl, uncle & naughty niece, teacher & schoolgirl - is often used. In other words, many people use spanking as a form of "punishment," but actually spanking makes a great intro to other active play forms as well.

Spanking, to quite a few people who are into erotic power exchange, is a cult on its own. These spanking purist will not combine spanking with other forms of play and the spanking will often be used as a "punishment". All over the world - but especially in Germany and the Netherlands - you will find support groups, strictly dedicated to spanking. Very often these people will go a long way when it comes to creating the right setting for their form of role play and especially dressing up is important. In some cases this will include NOT removing all clothing but deliberately leaving some parts, like stockings, garters or knickers on.

Good, erotic spanking is an artform and requires skill. Banging off too enthusiastically will almost always lead to quick disillusion. The sensations come too quick and too intense and simply kill the fun. What you want to do is "warm up" the bottom first by starting with light spanking until their "cheeks start to blush." Next wait a while - and in the meantime enjoy the view - and repeat the session, this time a little more firm.

This process is repeated several times until your partner can take as much as you want them to. Before you even start to spank, let them wait for a while. Just lay your partner over your lap, lift their skirt if there is one, lower the knickers and gently stroke their bottom first. Make it erotic. Make it exciting. Take your time. There is no hurry. This is supposed to be a feast.

Spanking is frequently done in different sessions. Especially if all this is new to you, this may be a very good way to find out where your limits are. Doing it in several subsequent sessions will allow your partner to recuperate between sessions and one of the main advantages of pausing between sessions is that the impact and effect will be a lot more intense. Every pause will allow the nerve system to activate again after being slightly numbed during the actual spanking. As a result, the nerves will start the next session relatively fresh and the impact will be bigger, even without intense spanking.

Sometimes tears can be very erotic. In the event you are looking for tears you need to take another route. What most experienced spankers will do is to announce the "punishment" and concentrate on the mental aspects of the event before performing the actual spanking. Things like having to stand in the corner and wait for punishment to be administered or having to confess their "sins" - standing in front of the punisher - will dramatically increase the mental impact of the spanking. Shame, humiliation and fear play a huge part in this technique and this "preparation" will later intertwine with the physical activity. When you are looking for tears you do not need a real long warm up so you may want to start with more intense spanking immediately, however, make sure you do not start full force immediately. This in order to prevent the effect of quick numbing, hence killing all the fun much too quickly.

Overture to other things
To spanking non-purists especially, spanking quite often will be the overture to other things. A playful spanking to begin a scene is a very effective and simple way to spark a scene and get the adrenaline running. Even one or two friendly slaps on the bottom will sometimes be an indication - a promise - of other things to come. And spanking also serves as a great warm up for other techniques, such as whipping and especially caning.

Spanking is best done methodically and rhythmically. Keep a steady but not too intense pace and do not use too much force. It is the quantity of slaps doing the trick, not so much the impact and force. The lower part of the bottom - close to the legs - is more sensitive and so are the fleshy sides of the bottom. Stay away from the tailbone and any region above that but there is nothing against incorporating the inner and outer thighs and the back of the upper legs in your spanking. Try spreading the bottom cheeks with one hand and softly spanking the anal area with two or three fingers of the other and you will see you will get some amazing results.

There are various ways to intensify the effect of your spanking without applying more force. By relaxing your wrist (more or less making your hand work like a paddle) you will increase the effect dramatically. Things will get even more intense if you spread your fingers. This will reduce the air-resistance between your hand and their bottom and also will lead to individual contact between your fingers and their body, widening the area and creating a very special, stingy, but intense effect. Using both techniques combined at the end will bring about a "grand finale" that will be remembered for a few days.

Based on materials from the POWERotics Foundation © 1996-2000; republished here with their permission;
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