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I tried to get my wife to do this for years and when it finally happened -by accident- we were thrilled.
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I wish I could squirt every time.  I've been trying to figure out how to do it, and I just haven't gotten it yet.  I've read about how to do it, but it's taking me a while to get it.  You're lucky, girl!
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yeahhh its too bad some guys are so stupid... its like having a pussy juice dispenser lol how would you ever turn that down! (sorry if that sounded crude but like its so true!)
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i dont squirt liquid often. when i do its like thick slimey liquid. just smells and tastes like my pussy. stains like hell tho
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Never had it happen, but I've heard it's definitely different than a regular orgasm.
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i tried to do this on many occasion but haven't what am i doing wrong or what do i need to do for the ones that do u are lucky
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Plum Pudding
i was just talking about this to a friend. i was wondering if it was pee. then i thought i would love to figure how to do this because  looking around it isn't pee it is something that a woman can achieve. anyone now you can do this?
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Tabu Toypro
Every woman is capable of doing this, but not every one does. You've really got to be relaxed and pretty in tune with your body. In other words - get out of your own head! If you pressure yourself, it's just not going to happen. Having an orgasm is difficult enough without the added possibility of a little squirting.

That being said, I have known women who only orgasm this way and it can be messy and even unwanted. Some partners may even freak out on you a little, thinking you just pissed their bed. 

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I envy your bf, wonder what's the feeling when you're having sex with a girl that wets a lot.
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If your man can make you squirt then he should find it a compliment and you should relax and enjoy the experience you are feeling.
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