Tabu Toypro unveils new videos that bust the most common STD myths, which seem to be widespread. The stats on STDs is alarming (19 million new cases each year; 1 in 4 will contact an STD in their lifetime) and directly reflects that people are not properly managing their sexual health.

The videos feature average people with real stories that confirm the myths are believed. The website offers private testing kits and facts to kill these myths!

Here are the top 10 myths about STDs:

1.   You can't get an STD from oral sex.
2.   You can only get herpes when your partner is having an outbreak that you can see.
3.   If you have an STD, you'll see it, feel it and know it.
4.   Only promiscuous people and "players" get STDs.
5.   If you have sex in a pool or hot tub, the chlorine will kill anything and everything.
6.   If you don't have a condom, use plastic wrap.
7.   Only young people get STDs.
8.   Skin to skin contact isn't enough. You can only get an STD from semen.
9.   The Pill prevents STDs.
10. Chlamydia and gonorrhea are no big deal and aren't harmful.

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Hear Hear
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in high school the rule was if he didn't cum in your mouth you were safe. I never got an std thank you god but I guess I got lucky.
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