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As many of you may know Stephanie Swift was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year. Unfortunately she had to receive a double mastectomy recently. Doctors have also recently found cancer on her lymph nodes and she will be getting surgery for that later this month.

AIPdaily is a staunch supporter of cancer research, specifically breast cancer. We have been behind the Porn Panty Auction earlier this summer which I’m glad to say raised a good amount of money.

With this development many porn stars are getting behind Ms. Swift. One in particular is Wicked contract girl Jessica Drake. She will be participating in the AVON Breast Cancer Walk September 12th and 13th in honor of Stephanie. She is about 80% to her goal and donations can be made here.

Stephanie is also taking donations. For those wanting to help her out directly can send donations to:

Stephanie Swift Breast Cancer Fund
P.O. Box 9864
Canoga Park, CA 91309

Please make checks out to Heidi Clark, Stephanie’s mom.

AIPdaily wishes Stephanie a quick recovery. You have a lot of people that care about you, so don’t ever give up. We would also like to remind all you ladies out there to get checked regularly, the best way to fight this cancer is to catch it early. That goes the same for you guys out there as well. Make sure you get your prostate checked, especially from the age of 40, and check yourselves for possible testicular cancer as well.

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