I've been using the stop & go technique to masturbate for 3 - 4 years. It's equally satisfying alone or with my wife as part of our sexual activity as a couple. This isn't a sex toy trick per say but its a good trick.

There are three parts to a male orgasm:
(1) The intense feeling right before ejaculation when you feel like the flow of semen is inevitably on the way -- when you feel it's definitely going to shoot out if  you continue.
(2) The explosive pumping of the ejaculation itself.
(3) The resolution after ejaculation when the whole body feels relaxed.

An full orgasm can range in time from three seconds to hours. With the 'stop and go' method, you're simply prolonging and experimenting with the first part of the orgasm. Anyone can try this for increased pleasure. If you are trying to treat premature ejaculation and you have a partner, be sure to include your partner in while you practice this technique. Let your partner control the stroking. It can be very helpful to any sexual relationship.

It may take a few weeks to a few months to see long term results but that's OK because most people don't mind the practice at all.


(1) Masturbate in any comfortable way until you feel yourself almost come to the point of orgasm.
(2) Take a break when you start to feel the orgasm coming.  Stop all stimulation entirely and take the hands off the penis for a moment. (Put hands behind your head if you have trouble resisting.)
(3) Start up again once the really intense feeling of almost ejaculating subsides a little bit.

Do this over and over a few times and see how close you can get to ejaculation before actually letting the orgasm finish. During this process, you will notice a pre-ejaculation fluid that is quite lubricative (more commonly called "pre-cum". You may also get a penis "hiccup" where a bit of semen squirts out, but you haven't quite ejaculated all the way.

If you are new to this method, you may have a premature ejaculation a few times before you are able to control the method. Premature ejaculation can happen when you have stopped entirely and taken the "hands off position", but a couple of seconds later, you ejaculate anyway without planning on it yet. This happens because you went a little too far before you stopped for a break. It's also the reason why this method takes patience and practice. There is that point at which one more stroke takes it too far and you ejaculate. You want to try to continue the stop and go until you get that final orgasmic stroke to be your first stroke after a break.

* NOTE: it is not safe to force semen to stay inside the body by holding a finger over the hole at the tip of the penis or by plugging up the hole. This is called "injaculation" and can be dangerous.*
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yeah, i do this every time i masturbate, except i am a female so i do the female version of it but you know what i mean. but anyways, it does help a lot to make the orgasm more intense because you keep building everything up until you cant take it anymore!
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Sting swears by it.
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DJ in LA
Yeah, it's not a bad move.  I posted about this over in:
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DJ in LA wrote:

Yeah, it's not a bad move.  I posted about this over in:

great post...
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