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Did you know that since practically the beginning of time, things that suck have been making life better?

The suction cup was once used in medical procedures (to draw bad blood away from a diseased organ) and lead the way to the invention of "cupping" which gave rise to all sorts of medical and cosmetic procedures. The suction cup was also used to boost the bosom.

Patented in 1889, inventor J. W. Greene created a breast form consisting of a compressible spring-frame and elastic rubber cup which was compressed against the breast for the purpose of developing and enlarging it. When not used as a suction cup, the form was worn as a bosom form held in place by a corset…until such time as the breast is sufficiently enlarged that the form no longer needs to be used. (source: suction cup museum)

Today the suction cup is still sucking strong! Sex toys now have the added bonus of a suction cup for hands free play. Perfect for use in the shower, a dildo with a suction cup can be attached to the shower wall (or bench if you have one) and leaves your hands free for more intense play with or without a partner. If you already have a Tantus toy or a Doc Johnson Vac-U-Lock toy, you can purchase a suction cup accessory that pops into the opening in the back of the toy. Tantus Cup, Vac-U-Lock Cup

By now you've seen the Sex In The Shower series, which is geared towards couples, and we even carry a Wallbanger Toy for men! Here are some tips for a good stick:

Oh, the fun that can be had with a dildo on a wall! You could get really creative with the placement of the toy (table top, tiled floor, plastic lawn chair). Have any of you used a suction cup toy before? What's your favorite place to stick it?
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