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"This is the WE VIBE and it is a high end vibrator that does not look like a vibrator, does not sound like a vibrator and does not smell like a vibrator, but wow, it does the job. So, if your sex is boring here is is a whole new idea for couples or solo play.

Insert this end into the vagina, then leave it in during intercourse; the other end wraps around and stimulates the clitoris at the same time. Meanwhile the WE VIBE is vibrating against his penis. That's just gotta feel good. The package says “quiet, harmonic throbbing”. It is wireless, waterproof and rechargeable. The charge lasts for up to two hours and it has two speeds.

If you are anything like me, you never read the instructions unless you are completely stymied. This toy is very well designed, but you really need to read the pamphlet. This is one of the best toys of the year and we are giving it 4 briquets."

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