TabuToys recently sent me the SugarSak to review and it's pretty pretty swell.

And while sex toy storage is nothing new, there is something very unique about the Sugar Saks, which come folder neatly in in square, Ziploc type bag: Bioshield 75. The package describes this technology as “an invisible, exclusive patented EPA approved coating that inhibits the growth of bacteria, fungi, mold, mildew, years and viruses” which is good up to 50 washes. This is made of win! No one wants any of those microscopic intruders on their sex toys. I particularly like the idea because I don’t like to wash my toys before and after. If I can wash once (after) and keep them stored with the assurance that nothing can touch then in my Sugar Sak, then I’m happy. Plus, the Sugar Sak won’t deposit any lint on your toys and protects them from any flee floating particles like lint and dust. Furthermore, I expected the inside of the bag to feel a bit like plastic but you can’t tell at all. This is definitely a great device - so much better than Ziploc bags!

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Interesting! Thanks for the review
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