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I never swallow before but I want to try...
New things in sex life sometimes can be very interesting....
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Hank Alvarez
There are a couple of things that we haven't considered yet in these two pages. First, the issue of swallowing is "AT" the time of his climax, not after the fact. Unfortunately I can tell you from personal experience that when he comes and you make a big fuss or gag like he pissed in your mouth, which by the way he can't, he'll feel terrible and he won't have to take a cold shower because your hysteria will have just killed the moment and the mood.

More importantly he'll start leaking, pre-cum, before he climaxes and ejaculates so you'll usually have some warning. As I recall, Dr. Campbell at CSULB used to say that when that happens you'll know what the flavor is going to be like and now you have a decision to make. Are you going to swallow it or gracefully let it run out of your mouth? That's the best option other than swallowing.

If you're not in a committed relationship you're probably using a rubber, or at least I hope you are, and now it's a moot point because all you're going to taste is latex. For what it's worth a few former lovers claimed they preferred the taste of semen. If it's the "real deal" and you're sucking him off "bare back" you're likely to get a mouthful from your young man. A little advanced planning and communication would be advisable. I hope this helps. Hank
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it's better when you swallow it....
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jizz is gross but i amhappy to take a cumshot in the mouth and swallow it. it tastes ike sour salty milk thats very slimey. its got a bit of an after taste. sometimes i just let him jizz all over my top, especially if its black.
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