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We all agree that our sex lives need to be recharged from time to time, don't we? Whether you're in a relationship or not, the old bed can get a bit stale if it's the place where you have the majority of your sex or masturbation sessions. But when you have the house to yourself, where do you go for a refreshing change?

I've heard a lot of people say the shower isn't really the best place for them to have sex. Masturbate? No problem! But with the already tight space, slippery surfaces and lubrication issues, it could prove to be more hassle than its worth. Some tips for sex in the shower: use a silicone lubricant for that extra long staying power and invest in some shower accessories like a locking foot rest (REST people, not stair!) and a handy handle. They're easy enough to justify to others in the house. The foot rest holds soap and the handle holds your wash cloth.

If you're too concerned about the water bill, try taking things up a notch with a Love Swing. They're easy to set up but you might have to do a little more explaining when company comes around. The feeling of weightlessness and sex combined plus the ability to get into positions you may not be able to otherwise makes the Love Swing a ride that has endless possibilities.

If the swingset isn't for you, perhaps you'd like a bouncy ball? Doc Johnson's been pumping out the EZ Rider Rocker ball for about as long as I've been alive. You can get either the 6" or 8" dildo attachment, and it's compatable with everyVac-U-Lock attachment . TitanMen also makes the Rough Riderz Ball. And of course we've got the SexerciseMe Ball, which can be used as a regular exercise ball, and has a variety of attachments that can be plugged into it.

Again, the possibilities of sex on a ball can really become endless. If you're not having an orgasm or not having a good time anymore, maybe just introducing some new positions can get the flame burning again. Get creative and I bet you find pleasure zones you didn't realize you've had all along.

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Hank Alvarez
If variety is the spice of life just think what would Italian food be like without it? I recently bought a book entitled, "365 POSITIONS: A NEW WAY EVERYDAY FOR A STEAMY, EROTIC YEAR." It has beautiful photography and as soon as I get back from physical therapy my honey and I are going to try page sixteen again. Seriously, "The cool thing about sex is that it's only limited by your imagination." That's a quote from a gal I knew in the sixties that's become my credo. Between the abundance of toys, techniques and positions you have an unlimited combination of elements that will forestall the sexual doldrums and keep you in good stead with your chiropractor. Hank 
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Plum Pudding
Thanks Tabu and Hank. I am always looking for something new to get us into. I always say your sex life, marriage can always use some refresher courses or continuing education so that you can keep things exciting.
LIve everyday as if it is your last.
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