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An extract from The Wiles & Guiles, a 103,000 word novel by Susan Strict. -

After Sylvia had gone, Malglia went straight across the corridor. Boring as it sounded, she was curious to see what it was that anyone would pay for that did not involve any touching at all. It still seemed bizarre to her that men would pay for any of this, particularly now when everywhere was full of the other alien women and no human male could be in need of female attention if he wanted it.

In the centre of Helen’s room were a set of upright stocks, and completely naked, bent over slightly with his head and wrists locked through them was Helen’s client. He faced the bed, about six feet from it.

“Hello,” said Malglia brightly. “I’ve come to check on you.”

“Hello, Mistress,” the man replied. “I’ve been a bad boy and I’m being punished.”

“I can see that,” said Malglia. “Would you like me to punish you a bit more?”

As she said it, she noticed that his manhood, which had been completely limp, at once rose to point at a right angle from his body.

“Thank you, Mistress,” he replied politely. “No. I’ll be punished enough here until Mistress Helen releases me tomorrow.”

Malglia walked round him slowly. “What did you do,” she enquired, “To deserve such punishment?”

The man gulped. “I had an erection without permission,” he said, blushing. “Helen says I am not allowed erections but I had one as soon as I took off my clothes.”

“But now you have another one,” commented Malglia, “Surely that deserves another punishment? A more painful one, perhaps?”

“I will tell Mistress Helen when she returns,” said the man apologetically.

Malglia stood right in front of him and reached round the upright post of the stocks towards him.

“Don’t touch me,” he said urgently. “You must not touch me.”

“Why not?” demanded Malglia.

“I don’t like being touched,” he said firmly. “It makes me aroused. I’m here for punishment, not arousal.”

Malglia was having some trouble in understanding this. “So I won’t touch you. I’ll whip you instead. There must be a whip here somewhere.”

She went to the wardrobe at the side of the room, identical to hers and, as she soon found, an almost identical assortment of equipment inside. She quickly found a riding crop which seemed admirably suited to the task, and strode back to the stocks.

“No,” he said quite firmly, “I mustn’t be touched. Not by any part of you or anything you’re holding. That’s the rules. My punishment is to be restrained and uncomfortable. To be able to see but not able to touch you or myself. That’s what I pay for, or I’ll have my money back.”

“Right,” said Malglia, with what he just said suddenly striking a chord. “To be able to see? To be able to see me. That’s your punishment, isn’t it? To see the most beautiful women around you and in bed in front of you, while you’re naked, restrained, and your urges are completely frustrated and useless?”

He looked at the floor. “Yes, Mistress. That’s it.”

“Well? What does Helen show you? What does she do in front of you to punish you?”

He was still looking at the floor. “Nothing, Mistress. Mistress Helen just walks round me like you have, then she goes to bed and sleeps.”

“So you get frustrated by just watching her undress for bed?”

He looked up. “No, Mistress. She undresses in the corner and I can’t see round that far. She puts on her pyjamas over there then comes back and goes to bed. She says I get excited too easily.”

“I could frustrate you more than that.” The germ of an idea was forming in Malglia’s thoughts. She could, she thought, enjoy this, and although it was not a situation she would have thought up herself, it had certain possibilities.

“No, Mistress. Please don’t. I can’t stand the frustration.” He was quite serious, and yet there was something in his voice that did not say no, something quite different from the ‘do not touch me’.

Malglia had noticed in the bottom of Helen’s wardrobe a box just like the box she had found in the bottom of hers, and like hers when she found it, it was new and unopened.

She checked. Yes, as she thought, there was a device identical to the one she had broken. She unwrapped it and tested that it worked.

“Here we are,” she said to the man in the stocks, waving the device in front of him. “Look what I’ve found.”

“No, Mistress! You can’t. It’s much too big.” There was panic in his voice.

“What?” For a moment Malglia did not understand, then realised that he thought she might try and push the device into his backside. She studied him, noting the expression of fear on his face, and thinking to herself that it would indeed be an excellent idea, particularly with him bent slightly forward as he was now in the stocks and his rear end at just the right angle. She wondered whether it could be done without damage. It was particularly large, but perhaps with the right lubrication and a bit of effort the effect could be quite interesting. This, however, was really not the time for such an experiment.

“No,” she said, with a tinge of disappointment in her voice. “You really don’t understand at all.”

“I like these,” she went on. “These are just what a woman needs. So much better than you feeble little men.”

She placed the device on the end of the bed and went back to stand right in front of him nearly, but not quite, touching him. Slowly she took off her blouse and then unzipped her short skirt and let it fall to the floor. She deliberately focused her eyes on his hardness, making it quite obvious what she was looking at.

“Like what you see?” she enquired.

“Yes, Mistress. Please, Mistress, don’t. Please put your clothes on. I can’t stand this.” The stocks shook slightly. Malglia put her hand on the smooth wood and pulled, just to check they were not likely to fall over if he struggles at all. They seemed completely solid, and held him inescapably until the padlocks were undone. There was no sign of the keys, so Malglia could not have released him even if she had wanted to.

“You do like it, don’t you?” Malglia insisted, running her hands over her own breasts. “These are nice, aren’t they? There’s nothing you’d like more than to feel them against you, to kiss them perhaps?”

She held out one breast in both her hands, the nipple almost touching his lips but just out of reach.

“No, Mistress,” he moaned, unable to resist trying to move his head to touch her but not having enough movement to quite reach her.

“Or this, perhaps?” She ran one hand down and underneath her. “You’d like to be down there, wouldn’t you. You’d like to bury your nasty little thing right there and feel me taking you right into me. That would be nice, wouldn’t it?

Her gaze returned to his hardness that now twitched up and down obscenely.

“Nasty little man,” she commented, “But I have something much nicer than you.”

She walked away from him and back tot he bed. She picked up the device and held it towards him. “See?” she said, “Much better than a little man. Much more reliable. Much more enjoyable.”

She turned on the first control and the end stared its hinged rotation as the internal metal balls whirled round and round. “Can you do that?” she asked. “Can you give me the pleasure I can get from one of these? Have you any idea what really pleases a woman? I think not, but you’ll soon know, because that’s what I’m going to teach you. I’m going to teach you what really pleases a woman, and when you can do that, then you can call yourself a man.”

Malglia went round to the side of the bed, slid herself onto it and opened her legs wide. He was staring straight between them, his head up as far as he could get it which, Malglia thought, must have been really uncomfortable with the wooden stocks round his neck and the only remotely comfortable position being to stare straight at the floor.

“Please don’t, Mistress,” he said again. “Please don’t make me watch this.”

“You don’t have to watch,” she pointed out. “That’s your choice, not mine. You can look at the floor if you want.”

He did not look at the floor. His eyes were fixed on her and on the device in her hand.

She placed a pillow under her to raise herself up, then lying back she turned on the other control and slowly touched herself with it. She did not hurry. She ran the end of it up and down between her legs, concentrating as much on how it looked to him as on the feelings it gave her. She heard his groan of frustration, and the creak of the wooden stocks as he strained against them.

Satisfied it was having the effect on him she wanted, she eased the rotating end of the device inside her, turning the first control right up so that the end made wide, fast circles that pressed her flesh this way and that as it slowly entered her.

Malglia was dimly aware he was groaning and muttering something as her muscles started their work on the device inside her. She heard him cry out as she shuddered and thrashed around on the bed, her hands clutching between her legs as they came together with such force she almost broke her own fingers and then flung wide apart again. She did not hear his words. She did not care about his words. There was not the same force that had broken her own device but it was just as satisfying, and she deftly caught the still-rotating and vibrating device as it was squeezed from her when her muscles finally stopped crushing inwards and the final ripples ejected it.

She turned the device’s controls off and lay with it in one hand, her eyes closed. She heard his voice faintly again, and again she ignored it.

His voice was raised, calling, starting to shout. Angrily she swung her legs off the bed and went over to him, still naked.

“What do you want?”

“Please, Mistress. I’ve changed my mind. I want you to touch me. I want you to let me out of this and to touch me.”

“Why?” She snapped at him. He was trembling, his hips jiggling and trying to thrust forward as though already she was there, against him, and he was pushing into her. She eyed his hardness with distaste, noticing the wetness at the tip.

“It’s too much,” he pleaded, “I can’t take it. The frustration is too much.”

“You,” she pointed the device at him right between his eyes and only an inch or two from him, “Are not to be touched. You are not to be touched at all. That’s my instructions and that’s what you confirmed when I offered to touch you earlier. You, disgusting little man, are here at your own request for an all night ‘session’ in those stocks, and an all night ‘session’ in those stocks is exactly what you are going to get.”

“Please, Mistress, please.” He was crying as she straightened the bed, picked up her clothes and strode to the door. She turned off the light, slamming the door behind her as she crossed the corridor to her own room.


“The Wiles & Guiles” by Susan Strict is published by Strict Publishing International and is available as an e-book from A1 Adult eBooks.
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Susan Strict
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