Most practitioners of Tantra don’t talk much about the use of sex toys in their work.  I would like to put forth that there are ways to use a vibrator in your practice, despite what some purists may believe.  The main point is to maintain your focus on The Divine during your activity.
Any kind of sexual expression that holds the intention of Universal love and Divine Union can be viewed as Tantric by its very nature.  To begin a vibrator ritual, spend a few days prior paying special attention to your overall wellness and balance, as you should always.  Bathe yourself fully and gently—everything you do during this entire time period is sacred.  Think of the bath as not only physical, but emotional and spiritual cleansing.  Allow your mind to relax and begin to bring into your mind your love for the form of the God or Goddess that moves you most.  During the bath, you are preparing yourself to become the vessel through which you invite the energy of Light and Love to move freely.  You may have decorated your bedroom with flowers or symbols of beauty and significance to you. If you have an altar, you may want to place you vibrator on it beforehand, underscoring the holiness of the practice.
Lie on your bed and use your vibrator slowly.  There is no need to rush to orgasm.  Hold your image of the Divine in your mind.  Think of your whole being and this experience as communion with the Divine.  When you do orgasm, use your mind to send that energy as a sweet offering of Universal Love.
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