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"Into the Realm of Bliss and Wholeness"

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One of my favorite accounts of sacred sexuality is contained in a little-known text by Lao Tzu, an ancient Chinese Taoist. In the Hua Hu Ching, Lao Tzu warns that,

    Although most people spend their entire lives following the biological impulse, it is only a tiny portion of our beings. If we remain obsessed with seeds and eggs, we are married to the fertile Great Wall of China reproductive valley of the Mysterious Mother but not to her immeasurable heart and all-knowing mind.

He says that,

    If you wish to unite with her heart and mind, you must integrate yin and yang within and refine their fire upward. Then you have the power to merge with the whole being of the Mysterious Mother.

He explains further that,

    The first integration of yin and yang is the union of seed and egg within the womb. The second integration of yin and yang is the sexual union of the mature male and female. Both of these are concerned with flesh and blood, and all that is conceived in this realm must one day disintegrate and pass away.

So far we are on familiar ground, but then he suggests that there is an entirely different level of existence open to us through the rest
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