Sun took a long, slow swallow of her Chianti, then placed her glass back on the table. Dinner had turned out quite well, but that didn't surprise her-she was already quite aware of what a good cook Andy was. She was delighted whenever she came home to good smells wafting into the hallway from the kitchen. Andy could cook anything, too-he'd done everything from Afghan to Greek, from Indian to Mexican, and his love of food, his love of feeding her delectable things, they were near the top of the list of her favorite things about him.
   That morning, though, he'd told her he'd planned something special beyond dinner, and Sun was dying to find out what it was. Tonight, after all, was her 31st birthday, and Andy had emailed her all day teasing her about possible things the surprise could be. She was pretty sure he wasn't hiding an armadillo in the bedroom, but it was certainly a mystery to her what he was hiding in there-she had not a clue. The fact that it was something to do with their bedroom was a very pleasant thought to her, as she been wanting to tell him that she wanted to experiment a little more, throw some spice into their slightly stale fucking. They'd been together a little over five years now, and she knew from experience that it wasn't a good idea to let the bedroom antics of a relationship stagnate-that had been part of what ended her last one. So she couldn't wait to see what was hidden in their bedroom, but she still chose to savor dinner. Not only had Andy obviously gone to an exceptional amount of effort, but each bite that crossed her tongue had melted into a practical orgasm of taste and texture. This was easily one of the best meals she'd ever eaten. But now her plate was empty, her wine glass as well, and she was ready to end the anticipation and see what was waiting for her.
   "So, about that surprise..." Sun said, a hint of a smile flickering across her lips.
   "What surprise?" Andy grinned. "Well, if you'll just be patient for a bit longer, you'll get to find out what it is."
   "My middle name is 'patient'" Sun said.
   "I thought it was 'temptress'...well, never mind that. If you'll just wait here for about ten minutes..." Andy got up from the table, placed his napkin on his plate, and disappeared down the hallway.
   Sun glanced at her watch. Ten minutes, huh? If this was going to be as good as she thought, she'd easily wait fifteen minutes. Maybe even twenty. Yes, patience was not her strong suit, especially when her panties had been soaked through by the time they were halfway through dinner, what with all the teasing Andy had done. Now they were useless, just something to remind her of the warm wetness nestled between her legs.
   She'd spent all day wondering what would be waiting for her in their bedroom. She'd read enough erotica and watched enough porn to have an extensive amount of ideas to cull possible images from, and it wasn't like she and Andy had tried everything under the sun. There were still plenty of things left that got her worked up into a frenzy when she thought of them, things they hadn't tried, things she wanted, oh-so-badly, to try on for size.
   She glanced at her watch again. Nine minutes-one minute left. She got up out of her chair, pushed it back to the table, and lifted up her skirt, running her fingers across her soaked underwear. Yes, she was certainly aroused, and she was certain Andy would be pleased.
   "Andy?" she called down the hallway. "Honey? Are you ready?"
   A pause...silence. Then, "Yes," came from their bedroom. She didn't run down the hallway-she would have liked to (as would her pussy)--but there was certainly a quickness to each step. She reached their bedroom door, twisted the knob, and opened it, her eyes ready to take in whatever the room contained.
   Andy sat on the bed, completely naked, an erection as plain as the smile on his face.
   Sun took a tentative step towards him. "No offense, sweetie, but this isn't especially surprising."
   "What, you mean you've seen me naked before tonight? Oh, silly me, I must have forgotten." He chuckled, then pointed behind himself, where a wrapped box lay on the bed. "I know you love my cock, you've made it quite obvious by how wet you get just looking at it, but...with all the attention you've paid to it, you've neglected other, shall we say, equally sensitive body parts."
   Sun's lips moved into what Andy had always called her "slut grin", as realization dawned. She took four certain strides around him and the bed, and sat down on the edge of it, picking up the box, and slowly, carefully, tenderly removing the bow and the wrapping. She placed the now unwrapped box on the bed and opened it. Inside was what she had guessed only moments ago, a supple leather harness, with a black, curved dildo attached. Andy moved towards her, reclining on his side next to the box, the slight curve of his hip and his hard-on distracting her from the bounty that lay in the box.
   "Now," said Andy, "it's your choice. Since it is your birthday and all, we can either head back into the kitchen for dessert-I made crème brulée-or we could test your brand new strap-on out on my ass. Or, rather, in it." A coquettish grin now played across his lips.
   "Hmmm..." Sun began to drum her fingers on Andy's hip, looked towards the ceiling and bit her lip, pretending to be deep in thought. "Well...I think your cock has already made up its mind, and I'd hate to disappoint it."
   "Well, you know where the lube is. And if you're lucky, I'll even let you choose the position you fuck my ass in."
   Sun removed the harness and dildo from the box, and stepped into it, adjusting the buckles on the sides to fit her narrow waist. She gave the dildo a few tentative strokes. "How does it look?"
   "Hotter than I could have ever imagined."
   Sun picked up the lube from the bedside table, popped open the lid, and poured a generous amount onto the plastic dick. She slid her hand all over it, slicking it up, then tossed the lube back onto the table.
   "Come and get me, tiger," Andy said, and rolled onto his back. Sun climbed onto the bed, kneeled between his legs, and roughly shoved them up in the air.
   "Is that how it's going to go?" Andy asked, letting a little of his nervousness leak into his voice-he knew it would turn her on, and he actually was a little tense.
   "Yes, that's exactly how it's going to go. Now, breath deep and relax, because I'm going to put it in now." She reached between his ass cheeks, slowly, delicately, sliding her fingers up the crack until she found his asshole. She gently circled it a few times, then grabbed the dildo and teased it with the dildo's tip.
   "Goddamn," Andy said, his voice shaking a little, "That feels, um, a lot better than I expected."  
   Slowly, Sun began to push it in, until her harness was almost touching his ass. "So, I guess this is what you feel like when you fuck my cunt." Sun pulled back her hips, sliding the dildo out until just the tip remained inside, then, with a little more speed than the first time, thrust it back in.
   "Oh, wow...fuck that feels good," Andy stuttered.
   "Well, honey, that's what a prostate is for-pleasure." Sun now had an expression on her face Andy hadn't seen before during sex-one part concentration and one part power. He could tell she knew she was the one in control. "How does it feel to be the one getting fucked for a change?" Sun asked, punctuating every few words with a thrust, watching Andy's face as she shoved her way into him, opened him up. "Maybe you should play with yourself while I do this, stroke your cock...I think I want to see you come, or my birthday present won't be complete. I want to see your whole body shake as you do. I want to see your face twist up with pleasure as you come all over your stomach."
   Andy spit on his hand and grabbed his cock, matching the dildo's speed with his fist, wrapped tightly around himself. Sun began to fuck him faster, and Andy beat off faster, and soon his features began to move into the face that Sun was so very familiar with. She'd seen him come hundreds of times by now, but as come started to spurt onto his stomach, she felt like this time was different-better in some way, maybe. Maybe because this time she was the one on top, the one doing the fucking, the one who was shoved deep inside the other. As Andy finished coming, she slowly pulled out, and he rolled onto his side, and, reaching behind him, pulled her body tight against his back. Sun wrapped her arm around him, deep in thought. Then she spoke. "You know, I'm really happy we have so many years ahead of us, to spend together." And so many more birthdays, she thought.
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