What is the your feelings between solid hard vibrators and the jelly ones (typically a rabbit variation)?

Personally... (well they are for my partner, but I am the one who buys) I can't imagine being the solid ones being much fun, not even when the have a nice silky feel.  Surely the vibrations in a solid thing like that would give thejitters? Al dildos are more jelly and not plastic so why would a vibrator be any different?

I bought my partner a couple of travel size hard vibrators and she tried them once when her rabbit broke and then preffered to go without until we got a new one. The only benefit I can see in them is that no matter how good your kegels have been you can't crush the mechanism in a plastic vibe. (we go through a lot of rabbits, the motor that turns the pearls just can't compete with her grip)
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I've never had a traditional hard plastic vibe, just never appealed to me. I do have a couple bullets/clit toys which are hard plastic but I like firm pressure externally so it works well for me.

I had a really cheap rabbit style toy which was just jelly over a really hard core and it was totally uncomfortable. but it just vibrated, no beads or anything. Even if it weren't uncomfortable, I prefer the beads to internal vibration. I know what you mean about motors not being strong enough, unfortunately. I never get rabbits with loose beads; beads on a track seem to do much better but aren't always perfect. I've had a few toys which were pretty impressive, though.

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I've had both hard plastic and the soft jelly...have both.  I enjoy them both just differently.  Sometimes I feel more like internal stimulation so i use the jelly/beads.  I always like firm pressure on my clit so that's where the plastic vibrator comes in.  I have more control of that one so I like that one best for external stimulation (although a good strong rabbit is hard to beat!).
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