I will never forget the night the densest fog I have ever seen rolled in.  I was like 14 or 15 years old and home alone when I looked outside to see the densest fog I had ever seen.  It was about 8:00 or so at night, dark and about 65 or 70 degrees.  I opened the front door and went outside to experience it.  I literally could not see more than 10 feet in front of me, in fact, the street light in front of our house was just a blur.  That moment I was overcome with the strongest desire to take my clothes off.  As I did, my senses were heightened.  The feeling of the fog on my skin was amazing, and I immediately became hard as a rock.  The privacy and senses that I felt at that moment made me feel comfortable walking around our yard.  By the way... I lived in a subdivision.  After taking a few laps around our yard, I proceded to walk down our block, then to the next block, then the next until I was at the end of our street.  I proceeded to cross the main street and continue anothere block to our middle school, where I walked around the parking lot and playground and stroked my tool.  It was an amazing experience.  When I walked around the building to the parking lot, I noticed that there were cars parked there, and I could see the blur of light on the building and in the building, signalling that there were people still in the school. 

This dense fog not only reduced visibility to 10 feet or less, but seemed to muffle all noise as well.  I could not hear the traffic on the main road I had crossed, which then made me realize that I also would not be able to hear any approaching people until they were close enough to see me.  This gave me another amazing rush.  I almost hoped I would get caught.  Eventually I realized that I had to get home before my mom did, and I walked home.  It was an amazing night.  I could not believe that I could just wonder around at that time of night without anyone seeing me.  It was so erotic.

I have waited over 20 years since then, and never again had the opportunity return.  Eventually, I could not take it any longer.  I had to get outside and take it all off again.  I found a very secluded golf course, and one clear fall night, I took a drive and a walk.  I walked out to one of the fairways, dropped all my clothes and just took a nice long naked walk around the course.  It was amazing.  Again... my cock was rock hard as I felt the air on my body, and the adrenelin rush of knowing that someone else on a late walk could walk aroung from another hole and catch me.  I stopped a couple times to jack off under the stars.  WOW!  I was depressed walking back to my car.  It was over, and I haven't gotten another chance to go back.  I love being naked.  Anyone else?
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Tabu Toypro
Being naked is great! Just be careful with the public masturbation - you might end up in a whole lotta trouble and labeled as a sex offender! Sounds like you're doing the right thing looking for seclusion, and I can see how you'd get a rush from being caught. But I'm sure you've read about this guy and what he's going through for being naked in his own home.

But it was a great story!
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