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Here's a GREAT how-to article from sex toy Goddess and all-around smart cookie, Metis Black.

Hi I'm Metis Black, president of Tantus Silicone, maker of sex toys. And we are here today to take a journey to a very special place; a spot of mystery, awe and watch out 'cause you just might get wet- a g-spot expedition.

Why do most people have a hard time finding the G-Spot? I have a theory: most people miss the g-spot because manufacturers make toys 6 inches in length with a hook at the end, call it a g spotter and you, as consumers, go home and put that toy all the way in; missing the glands completely. You're looking for it too far back.

The vagina doesn't have many sensitive nerve endings toward the back where the cervix lies. If we were sensitive back there we probably would have died out as a species giving birth.

During traditional vaginal sex it's the labia that are most stimulated by a dildo or a penis. The labia have legs of nerves, the crura, which lead back up to the clitoris. The internal vaginal hot spot, which is an exception to the rule, is the g-spot.

The G-spot is a series of glands within a sponge that protects the urethra. Up to 40 glands make up the G-Spot. How sensitive the sponge, or a spot on it is, varies from woman to woman. Every woman has a urethral sponge thus every woman has a g-spot.

It is approximately 1 to 3 inches inside the front wall of the vagina, near the urethra opening, at a 12 o-clock position. For some women, pressure on the sponge causes a feeling that they need to pee. They may need to rethink that sensation to totally enjoy their G-spot.

When you begin to palpate the g-spot, the glands lie flat- there isn't a way to tell if you've found them other than via verbal responses or body responses.

The roof of the vagina is similar to the roof of your mouth, more fleshy but similar. There is a ridge with two soft valleys on either side of it. When trying to locate the glands for the first time, you want to use two fingers spread slightly and use a come hither motion. The glands may be right up under the pubic bone or it may be further back depending on her structure. This is not as sensitive an area as a clitoris or a prostate, more vigorous movement needs to be applied. What you're doing is actually milking the glands.

Because of the density of multiple glands a hook tipped toy is ideal for G-Spot stimulation.

100% Silicone, besides being superior hygienically, having no open pores to harbor bacteria, boilable and bleachable in a 10% solution, doesn't have and phthalates or other allergens that cause body reactions such as inflammation, rash or discharge. Last thing you want to do is play with a toy one night and be off limits for a week after. Silicone is the safest soft material in the marketplace. Though buyers beware, there's no regulation on sex toys they are sold as novelties. Something marked silicone can have a small percentage. When silicone is put in a hybrid mix, it usually has an odor and it has none of the benefits silicone offers.

Tantus Dildos are perfect. As a hand held piece with your hand comfortably wrapped around the lower portion, the hook can be rocked and hit the g-spot right on target. It also works in a harness with that same slow rocking motion.

The Tantus G-Force is also designed for manual come hither action. The G-Force is made of a slightly stiffer silicone.

Many women claim a vaginal orgasm is completely different than a clitoral orgasm; but most women have never experienced a vaginal orgasm alone. Clitoral stimulation in combination with G-Spotting is the most effective way to stimulate a woman to a vaginal orgasm.

Anytime you're putting anything so close next to the bloodstream the chemical makeup and potential health concerns should be a factor.

If you can smell a toy- it's leaching chemicals. The reactions from both latex and toys with phthalate softeners (plasticizers) are often inflammation and redness from the skin it comes in contact with. In the vagina it often mimics a yeast infection with a thick discharge as well. If a customer plays with a toy and is out of commission after that for a week, it's going to cut into your bottom line regarding lubricant, condoms and lingerie. It also may make them reconsider their buying more toys.

Silicone is the safest soft material currently in the market. It's hypoallergenic, hygienic with no open pores to harbor bacteria and able to be boiled, bleached or put into the dishwasher. The one disadvantage of silicone is that the technology isn't as advanced as other casting techniques.

When a customer start talking of G-Spot stimulation remember to think LUBE!Using a lubricant actually helps stimulate a woman's own natural lubricant.

And speaking of a woman's natural lubricant, g-spot stimulation often causes female ejaculation. Physicians in ancient Greece were aware of the existence of glands around the female urethra that produced prostatic like fluid- there is nothing new about female ejaculation. It's showing up more often in porn in books and perhaps in questions in your stores.

The key to female ejaculation is:

-Make certain the urethra isn't blocked by hands or toys
-Being comfortable about making a mess in bed. Having a towel near can help with the fear of "wetting the bed."
-The immediate difference between peeing and ejaculating is the scent. The woman will sometimes get an urge to pee during stimulation and when this happens, the fluid released will most likely not be urine.
-Repetitive stimulation of the glands to build up the fluids within- Toys are perfect tools for "milking" the glands.
-Her bearing down on her pelvic floor muscles.
-Not feeling pressure to perform. If you don't squirt- there's always next time and wasn't fun just practicing.

The g-spot is located at the 12 O-clock position about a fingers length in. Now, with your forefinger and your index finger up at the roof of her vaginal wall you'll feel ridges sort of like the roof of your mouth, where you want to stroke with your fingers is the soft flesh between the ridges- one finger on either side.

With your fingers curled in a "come hither" motion you want to repeatedly "milk" the glands. If you listen you may actually be able to hear the liquid building and sloshing. You will also feel the glands get larger and more distinct (same as a prostate does) as it's stimulated.

If you push outside on the pelvis (for me the spot is to the left a little), or if she bears down (like a sit up) she will release a stream of ejaculate that is absolutely magical!
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This is great..thanks! I've only ejaculated once years ago after a marathon sex session and I've been trying to recreate it ever since..Squirt envy...The "bearing down" and pressing makes sense.  Wish me luck!
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