The old fashioned hook-up game.

Basically, we all sign up for LINK REMOVED It's free to join, and we put "from Tabutoys" in our profiles. We then try to find each other. If two people find each other, they have to hook up. No exceptions!

I'll start. My username starts with an S. :-)
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P Gell
I don't get it.

The majority of the regulars on this site are in monogamous relationships. As I see it, Tabu is here for discussion and purchase of toys etc.

There is a Classified Section near the bottom of the page. If you are looking for a hook up, you may want to look there.

But, many of us are not looking for that, although we enjoy the site and talking to other sex positive posters.

You may want to go to the Classified Section you may get a better response there. (As long as you DO NOT post links to site similar to Tabu, (especially if they are vendors)  If you have questions, contact the Administrators of the site.)
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Tabu Toypro
Sounds very silly to me. I'm sure he/she was just plugging the site. Ahh spammers. They weasel through just like cockroaches.
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