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When I first heard about Lelo and their line of incredibly feminine, high quality sex toys, I was so excited. Though they had plenty to offer, only the Nea really seemed to call to me. So, naturally I couldn’t resist the offer to review it.

The package arrived in a plain box, which was nice. Discreet is a good thing where I live, not only in our neighborhood, but in a house full of children with prying eyes.

The Nea itself arrived in a beautiful package. A black box with a shiny finish only cemented my belief that these people knew what they were doing. Inside the glossy black box was a matte finish box, not unlike one that watches come in. Very classy and very easy to open, which is hard to come by in this age of plastic that requires scissors and the strength of Hercules to open.

When I lifted the top off the box, I was shocked. The Nea was so small! Now, I’m a big girl with lots of curves, so I was a little skeptical. I usually prefer toys with some substance, some oomph.

I plugged it into the charger and spent a few minutes stroking it lovingly. The glossy black color with the pretty pink flowers was absolutely divine. The LED buttons were ingenius and well placed. I pressed them just to see if it was really as quiet as they had claimed and it most certainly was!

We were finally ready to try it, but as luck would have it, not in the traditional way. Instead, I used it on my husbands testicles and I stimulated him orally. Imagine my surprise when he climaxed immediately! He said the vibration was not too powerful, not too annoying, but was the perfect balance for his sensitive man parts. (It’s good to know what our partners think of our toys!)

I tried it myself with my husbands assistance and it was nice. I say nice, because it was just enough. Not enough to send me over the top to an intense climax in record time, but enough to stimulate my clitoris and feel really good.

In all fairness, if you prefer intense clitoral stimulation, this is probably not the toy for you. If you do however, like pretty toys with overtly feminine design and the convenience of a recharger, with just enough vibration to get you ready, this is a toy for you.
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