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I wouldn't think so.
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Well, that all depends on who is performing the "real thing!" Sometimes I am in the mood for love and I really want to make love to my partner and other times I just want to get myself off. Both ways can be equally satisfying to me.
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sometimes it is better because i only have to worry about getting myself off and i know how to work myself better than anyone else.
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It really depends. Sometimes it's all about getting off and then I prefer masturbation. Other times I want intimacy and something more relaxing and then I prefer sex
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I enjoy a day of getting myself off. By the time my Roadie gets home I'm ready to jump his bones. I can masturbate several times a day and it seems to just enhance the sex I have with Roadie. I'm swollen and ready and we can have hours of foreplay before we do the big dirty. I don't rush the process. Many women tend to use masturbation to replace actual sex with their man. It seems to make me more willing for the sex part. This is why Roadie doesn't mind when he comes home to find several toys on the coffee table or that my massager is a bit on the over heated side. He knows He's next. There's nothing like the feel of the warmth that is associated with another body. The masturbation only enhances the experience.
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I know my body better than anyone (through plenty of extensive research lol) and know how to get myself off easily and give myself damn good orgasms. Even though masturbating satisfies me, it also always makes me want sex that much more though. It's fun but I like it to release stress and tension. I like it if I just get horny out of no where and want to give myself a release. It's great for several kinds of emotional release and who doesn't feel better after a nice orgasm? I also like it to get me geared up for more fun later. I could masturbate several times in a day and just be that much more excited to see my guy later on.
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Hank Alvarez
In it's place I think it's okay. Let me explain. If my lover isn't in the mood or she's sick or out of town I think it's a good release but I guess I'm lucky so far because there's been nothing like the real deal. My wife is the best I've ever had and we've hit it off great together so masturbation to me is a bit of a let down. That's only my experience with a box full of toys that claim to be just as good as the real thing. Hank
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It is better if you don't have the real thing  In my marriage tho, masturbating is MUCH BETTER than the real thing.
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